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Reduce alcohol safely by changing the bad drinking habits in your subconscious mind, release cravings, let go of emotional or boredom drinking, take control of alcohol, you decide whether to just reduce down or stop altogether, improve sleep patterns, boost confidence, feel relaxed with less alcohol. Two short tracks to fit into your busy schedule. FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING DAILY WORLDWIDE
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• Drinking too much alcohol?
• Boredom drinking?
• Alcohol affects your relationships?
• Using alcohol to relax?
• Feeling guilty about the night before?
• Start each week determined to drink less?

• Weight gain from over drinking?
• Stressed and drinking?
• Craving alcohol?
• Alcohol intake has crept up over time?
• Can’t seem to change?
• Do you want to reduce alcohol?

“Since listening to the hypnosis CD I feel in control instead of the alcohol controlling me”

Take control of Alcohol CD / MP3 Download by Ailsa Frank recommended  in 'The Sun Newspaper'

Just relax, lay back with the volume turned down low and let the messages wash over you. 

How does the alcohol reduction hypnosis download and CD work?

The messages in the recording will help you to get back to being your true self by releasing the negative traits and behaviours you have taken on over time, maybe they built up over years. It is important to listen to the hypnotherapy recording for several weeks or months although most people see positive changes in themselves within days. It is up to you how often you listen but the more you listen the more you will benefit. Keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. The recordings are designed for you to listen to at bedtime and they are deliberately short so there is no excuse for not finding the time to do them.

If you are not prepared to press the play button as you get into bed then you are not ready to get in control of alcohol.

You can listen to both tracks one after the other or alternate them on different days.

Track 1 - 19 minutes
Track 2 - 11 minutes

You may find you fall asleep during the recording which is fine as your mind will still hear the messages and the changes will still take place.Try to listen to the track all the way through at some point.

I recommend you listen to the recordings anytime in the future for instance the night before a big social event such as a birthday or wedding, before a holiday or during the run up to Christmas so you can keep on track if required.

This hypnotherapy recording will help you reduce down your alcohol intake, let go of daily stresses, feel better and restore healthy sleep patterns. Stored in your mind are your old drinking habits and patterns.

To buy the take control of alcohol CD or mp3 download click here

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Lee Haslam - male aged 47, Somerset

Yes this is the same person

"I have been meaning to contact you regarding your CD to reduce alcohol which I bought 2 months ago.

Well it's changed my life.  I had been drinking 98 units per week for some time.  I have suffered from clinical depression and all in all was on a downward spiral.

I really needed help and your CD was it.  Well it's April and I have lost 24 lbs in weight and last week I had only 16 units, this week will be less.  I didn't drink last night, just didn't feel like a drink, in the past I would drink every night!

So I just wanted to say thank you and let others know, that this works!!!!

read more about lee incredible story

Backing track on the CD is by Danny De Matos www.shushstudios.com

Take Control of Alcohol Hypnosis CD/MP3 Testimonials

"one of the most transforming days for me was the one when I read about your work in a newspaper that I picked up on the train, and decided to have a look at your website.  It has been a few months now, and I have already cut down from at least a bottle of wine plus two or three glasses of spirit as well, to having a couple of glasses with dinner and no spirits whatsoever. I think there is still progress to be made, as it would obviously be good to have days completely alcohol free – not quite there yet, but working on it as I continue to listen."

“I wanted to give you some feedback, I only listened to the alcohol disk a few times. I noticed a few of the suggestions in the recordings working for me. I do feel different and in control of alcohol. I like to listen to it. Thank you so much for your help. The work you are doing with your recordings makes a big difference in changing lives. Thank you again!!”

“Being someone who works hard and 6 days a week I find it hard to switch off when returning home after finishing work. Therefore I got into the bad habit of drinking every evening and I tried all sorts of ways to cut back and even stop drinking. Having read numerous books and trying different supplements which were supposed to help with cravings I realised it was more a bad habit than a craving and the only way to reduce my alcohol intake or stop completely was to change my mindset. I have been to counselling sessions which helped but unless I had a counselling session every single day, which was obviously impossible, after a day or two I would be back to square one."

"Anyway after purchasing your 'Taking control of Alcohol' mp3 and listening to it on a regular basis the ongoing constant battles in my head between drinking and not drinking every day became a lot easier and also listening to it at bedtime helped me get off to sleep a lot quicker and easier. After pretty much being unconscious going to bed after drinking so much, then trying to get to sleep being totally sober is not so easy so again the mp3 helped in that respect."

I probably spent a lot on alcohol! So downloading a mp3 was an obvious cost effective choice and a positive life changing decision. I still listen to your hypnotherapy to help me sleep and they make my choice of being abstinent a lot easier. Thank you.”

“I am a huge fan of yours as you have, literally changed my life. I suffered from post natal depression with both my daughter (now 3 and 4) which is when my drinking became uncontrollable.
I have your 'Take Control of Alcohol' CD which I listened to religiously every night and changed everything for me.”

“Incredible 11 months without a drink for the first time in 40 years !!! And no desire to drink. Thank you so much.”

“Since listening to the alcohol hypnosis CD I feel in control instead of the alcohol controlling me”

"Good news! Hardly had any alcohol, absolutely delighted, didn't work immediately but then started to work.  I feel like I have been dragged out of a big black hole, feel free, no longer sneaking around behind husbands back hiding empty bottles.  Thank you so much"

"I bought the 'Take Control of Alcohol' CD, as at the time we were doing a lot of socialising and alcohol intake was on the increase!!!  I saw your CD and I must say it's fantastic!  "Gin and tonic" without the gin is just as refreshing and the odd glass of wine is nice!"

"Two easy to listen to hypnosis tracks with calm relaxing music in the background and a nice soft voice, very effective in taking control of alcohol".

"I have seen significant changes in my drinking habits since listening to the alcohol hypnosis MP3.  I was sceptible at first as I have tried hypnotherapy before but these recordings are different and really work.  Genuine caring voice which is very soothing.  I have since bought the CD version as a gift for a close friend due to my own success."

"What I can say is I have found listening to the alcohol hypnosis recordings very relaxing.  With the tracks being short it is practical to listen to them daily unlike other products which take too long.  I can easily fit them into my day.  I like the voice too as it is soothing."

"Quality product and it arrived the next day."

"An effective and relaxing hypnosis CD."

"The alcohol hypnosis Cd was fantastic!   Best money I ever spent.  Thank you."

“My alcohol intake has reduced by half since listening to the hypnotherapy CD"

"Don't think about wine, get up earlier in morning, sleep well, generally more positive, look forward to listening to the alcohol hypnosis CD at bedtime." 

“The overwhelming appetite for alcohol has reduced. After 2 drinks I am happy to leave it at that.”

“Alcohol reduction hypnosis CD has helped me to sleep well and put alcohol into perspective.”

“ I would recommend the alcohol hypnois CD to everyone who has ever drunk alcohol.”

" I found the self hypnosis CD relaxed me and has definately had a positive effect on my attitude towards drinking alcohol."

"Since listening to the alcohol reduction hypnosis Cd I am not so likely to have that extra drink!"

"Great product, doing fine and sleeping well."

“Since listening to the hypnosis MP3 alcohol tracks I have stopped waking in the night worrying about work, I now sleep right through. I am more in control of alcohol too.”

“Happier to drink less, I enjoy myself as much as before but without a glass in my hand.  I would recommend the alcohol hypnotherapy MP3”

“Before the alcohol hypnotherapy CD: During the day I wished I didn’t think about having that glass of wine in the evening also I was feeling sluggish in the morning but now I am feeling refreshed when I wake. I now feel I am in control of my alcohol intake.”

“The alcohol hypnosis CD is fantastic. After work I think about having a glass of wine but then I find I have the will power to stop myself, also I am in control of weekend drinking too.”

“I have been telling friends about the alcohol help hypnosis CD.”

"I feel a sense of pride when I put my recycling out as there are no wine bottles to be embarressed about since doing the MP3  download hypnosis alcohol reduction tracks."

"I read about the alcohol reduction product in the Natural Health magazine and it's been brilliant!"

 “I used to feel out of control when socialising and unable to stop. Now I feel alcohol controls me less. I can see the benefits of the hypnosis alcohol MP3 and will continue to use it until I fully get a grip over the alcohol.”

“I think the hypnosis CD is excellent!”

"Since listening to the hypnotherapy alcohol CD I feel back in control of my drinking."

"The hypnosis download alcohol tracks have given me willpower even though I fell asleep everytime I listened to it.  I have reduced from drinking alcohol everyday to just drinking Friday, Saturday, sunday.  I reached my goal to not drink alcohol during the week.  I would recommend the CD to a friend."

"My goal was to reduce down alcohol as I have drunk too much for past ten years.  I would recommend the alcohol hypnosis Mp3.  I enjoyed to alternate the tracks on different days so it was not long to listen to I only drink one day per week now, feel better in the mornings and looking forward to the week ahead rather than worrying I won't get everything done."

"I like the background music on the hypnosis download as it is calming and not irritating like other hypnotherapy recordings.  Also sincere voice unlike over enthusiastic hypnotherapy which I have heard before. Quality product."

"I ordered the alcohol reduction hypnosis Mp3 download on the website which was great as I started listening to it straight away.  It has really helped me."

"I was scepticle but decided to try the alcohol MP3 hypnotherapy download as it was only the cost of a few drinks and it has saved me so much money.  When I see other people drinking to excess I think of the money they are wasting and feel quite good about myself as that was the old me."

"I have read alcohol reduction self help books so I know all about the subject but the take control of alcohol hypnosis cd has allowed me to make the changesand actually reduce down."

"I haven't been to the off license since I began listening to the alcohol download hypnosis tracks.  The off license man must think I have emigrated as I use to see him everyday."

"Decided to try the alcohol hypnosis downloads to reduce alcohol which is nice to listen to and very effective."

"It has been about 6 months since I listened to the stop drinking hypnosis CD, I listened for about 4 weeks, and looking back I can see the changes such as sleeping well and never having any alcohol in the week just the odd glass of wine at the weekend.  It feels natural to drink this way now and I suppose thats how the hypnosis works.  As it says on the hypnosis reording you make safe changes which you are ready for so it feels right."

"I had been worrying about alcohol for months if not years, every Monday morning swearing not to drink again but by tuesday I'd be trying to convince myself that it was ok to have the odd glass.  The stop drinking hypnosis download has changed all that as now when I think about drinking I am able to say No to alcohol.  I allow myself one night per week to have a moderate drink."

"I was looking for a stop drinking alcohol hypnosis Mp3 and I am really glad I came across this download as the voice is really nice, calming and trustworthy.  It has really worked for me. Thanks"

"My goal was to stop drinking alcohol to lose weight which is working.  Skin feels better and no hangovers anymore."

"As it says on the stop drinking help CD you give up at a safe pace for you and that is exactly what I have found.  I don't feel I am missing the alcohol as it feels natural, I am just less interested and have the will power to say NO."

Lee Haslam - male aged 47, Somerset

Before After
Lee Haslam - Before Photo Lee Haslam - After Photo

Yes this is the same person - Well done Lee!

"I have been meaning to contact you regarding your CD to reduce alcohol which I bought 2 months ago.

Well it's changed my life.  I had been drinking 98 units per week for some time.  I have suffered from clinical depression and all in all was on a downward spiral.

I really needed help and your CD was it.  Well it's April and I have lost 24 lbs in weight and last week I had only 16 units, this week will be less.  I didn't drink last night, just didn't feel like a drink, in the past I would drink every night!

So I just wanted to say thank you and let others know, that this works!!!!

Case Study:

Weight loss and alcohol reduction from using the ‘Take control of alcohol’ hypnosis CD by Ailsa Frank

Weight before: 19st 1lb

Weight After: 13st 5lb

In February 2012 Lee bought the ‘Take control of alcohol’ hypnosis CD by hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank

Lee was nineteen stone and 1lb in weight suffering from anxiety, clinical depression (for ten years), not sleeping, high blood pressure, drinking a 2 litre bottle of strong white cider per day, 14 units (nearly 98 units of alcohol per week) plus snacking on foods in the evening whilst drinking was increasing his weight.

"My drinking had crept up and it was getting out of hand. I use to think I could stop if I wanted but then realised I couldn’t. I use to look forward to alcohol and couldn’t wait for 5 o’clock, I found it scary that you think you can stop but you can’t. I was using alcohol as a reward but then started to get a bit desperate to stop so I looked on Amazon for a solution and came across the ‘Take control of alcohol‘ hypnosis CD.”

After listening to the hypnosis CD:

Weight loss 24 lbs after two months

Weight loss 5st 10lbs after nine months

Alcohol units 15-18 per week max (reduced from 98 units per week)

After One week:

After listening twice to the recordings I immediately noticed a difference when I began to pour alcohol away.

My depression began to lift and I started to lose weight.  I switched from drinking cider to wine. I would struggle to drink more than two glasses of wine though as my inner voice now tells me “you don’t want to drink, you don’t want to be out of control, you don’t want alcohol because of those reasons”. 

After two months:

I have the confidence to say to myself “No, I don’t need that”.  I also have the confidence to drink less alcohol amongst friends I would normally drink loads.  All in all I was on a downward spiral, I really needed help this CD was it. Well It's April and I have lost 24lbs in weight and the last week I had only 16 units, this week will be less. I didn't drink last night. Just didn't feel like a drink - in the past I would drink every night!

At the weekend I sat down to have a few drink whilst watching the Grand Prix but I automatically stopped at two and a quarter glasses of wine as I didn’t want any more, last night I didn’t drink at all.

The CD relaxes me and I have noticed if I get het up about something I listen to the CD and feel fine afterwards.

One day I looked at the wine in the glass and then poured it back in the bottle on other occasions I have poured a quarter or half a bottle of wine down the sink as I don’t want it.

Another day I thought I’ll have a glass of wine and then instead I made some soup and sat down and read a book which I haven’t done in years. I want others to know this works!!!!.

I listened to the CD everyday for 2 Months and now I am just listening as a top up or for relaxation.

My blood pressure has gone down from 140 to a healthy level of 118 over 76.  I now have really good sleep patterns. My depression has lifted and I have lost 24lbs in weight from February to April. I drink less and I am less anxious. My friends have also noticed so many positive changes in me.

I am writing a novel where the main character struggles with a disability but will end up being the hero that saves the day. You don't have to be like Superman or superwoman come to that - to be a real super person!

“It is Scary as you think you can cut down but then realise you can’t, the hypnotherapy CD has changed my life”

9 months later:

I am now 13 stone 5 lbs, I have lost 5st and 10lbs.  I am doing Wing Chun Kung Fu, swimming and strength training, everyone is stunned, my doctor hardly recognised me.

I limit my drinking to 18 units per week but most weeks I only have 15 units. I have not been drunk since listening to the CD, I don’t even want a tipsy feeling now. I have kept a diary of weight loss and booze.  I haven’t played the CD for 3 months now as I don’t feel I need but in August there was some stress, I felt my drinking might creep up so I listen once and I was back on track again.  Sometimes I think I will not drink for a couple of days but I end up not drinking for 5 or 6 days at a time.  I would rather make a nice meal than have a drink.  The hypnosis CD has put me totally back in control which is what I like the fact I am in control of the alcohol.  I couldn’t have done it without changing my subconscious old habits.

I use to be in high power management but stress turned to anxiety and I drank to cope, I don’t know where my life would have ended up if I hadn’t found this hypnosis CD I am now.

Female aged 51

"I have been listening to the Alcohol CD by Ailsa Frank for 4 weeks. My need to listen to this CD initially stemmed from over drinking, complete lack of self esteem and massive weight gain. I had used alcohol to block out issues and problems over a number of years. My first reaction was an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. I felt that I became aware of myself for the first time for a very long time. I had a concern that I went into such a deep relaxed state too soon into listening to the c.d. that I may have missed some of the messages. However, I was assured that that would not be the case. Almost immediately I experienced strong feelings about myself in terms of my appearance, confidence and state of mind. My attitude towards myself has changed and become very positive which is such an unusual feeling and very different to the negative feelings which I had previously felt. I had felt like a victim, trapped, out of control and unworthy for much of the time over recent years.

My dependence on wine dramatically reduced from 9 bottles per week to just about four glasses per week. My weight reduced by 1.1/2 stone in that 4 week period, my eyes are bright and my skin is glowing. I am focussed, the feeling of being in control is empowering and my self respect has reached a new height. This new self value has not only changed my self perception but also how others see me. I notice this more and more. The c.d. took me on a journey to rediscover myself and I have benefited in many ways, I no longer hide behind the wine bottle, I have lost the feelings of paranoia and fear and I no longer live in the 'fog'. With much appreciation and gratitude." Ms T

Hypnosis for Alcohol

Over recent years it has become apparent how detrimental excess alcohol can be and as a result more and more clients have turned to me for help with reducing alcohol. The reason for making this hypnotherapy ‘Take Control of Alcohol’ recording was to reach a wider audience as so many people are looking to reduce alcohol. I have helped hundreds of clients reduce their alcohol intake to a safe level.  This recording will help you to release negative habits and patterns in your mind which have built up over time. You will decide how you want to reduce down maybe to an occasional weekend drink, never drinking on your own, an occasional social drink, a glass with a meal or maybe you want to give up all together. The exercises in this recording will help you take back control of alcohol building your self esteem and confidence.  More and more peole are becoming drinkaware whether it is because of health concerns or to lose weight as people are more aware of the calories hidden in alcohol.  

Question: “I don’t need help with confidence, I am fully confident. Why do I need to increase my confidence?”

Answer: "So you are able to say “no” when someone offers you another drink when you know you have had enough. So you are fully relaxed to ask for a soft drink and have the confidence to stick to your decision. So you are able to have only one 1 or 2 drinks in the company of friends, family or with work colleagues and still enjoy yourself.”

Ask yourself:  “Have you ever been persuaded to have a drink when you didn’t want one or persuaded to have an extra drink as a result of someone filling up your glass against your wishes?”

MP3 hypnosis downloads and hypnosis CD's are an effective tool to reduce down alcohol consumption.  It is important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with and a voice you can trust. Many people don't reach for alcohol help as they are not sure where to go, alcohol clinics for addiction can seem extreme to many or expensive whilst many people do not want to mention the problem to their GP for fear of it going permanently on their medical records this is why hypnosis downloads are a safe and private solution. 

To reduce alcohol safely you need to accept that you may not stop immediately but rather reduce down at a pace your body can cope with whilst emotionally adjusting to the changes.  Making plans for the weekend which are unrelated to alcohol such as going to the cinema or after work going for a swim can break the habit of drinking as well.  I recommend you take a shower after work or after the kids go to bed so you can relax before the evening begins this way you won't be relying on alcohol to relax you. If you wish to stop drinking alcohol altogether it may be a gradual process for you, although many find with hypnotherapy recordings they can achieve this within a matter of several days or weeks it depends on the individual and their life situation.  The main thing is when you stop drinking alcohol with hypnotherpy sessions or using my reduce alcohol downloads the changes will feel natural for you and you will find you have will power when you need it.  My hypnosis alcohol reduction tracks will allow you to reduce to a safe limit in the privacy of your own home and at a fraction of the cost of seeing a therapist.  You can also buy other  hypnosis products to improve other areas of your life such as for money issues/worries, relationship issues, confidence, weight loss and relaxation recordings to progress your self development further.

The hypnosis alcohol reduction CD/ MP3 hypnosis download will dissolve the cravings and overwhelming urge for alcohol which you may have been felt in the past.  Most people feel some changes within a few days as the body begins to detox relieving you of alcohol symptoms and the affects of alcohol.  Skin often begins to feel cleaner, less sweaty, less greasy and redness colour in the skin reduces.   After listening to the hypnosis recording many people feel it is just themselves making the choice not to drink alcohol (or to drink less) and question whether the hypnotherapy is working as they are making the decision themselves.  This is normal as you are making the new healthy choice but it is the hypnotherapy that allowed you to do this as it has freed up your mind from the old patterns that made you drinking in the past.  This is why alcohol reduction through hypnotherapy will feel natural as it is you making the changes.  Some people will still think about alcohol but they will have the will power to pour alcohol away or say 'no' or drink half a glass instead of a whole bottle of wine.

Some people question when they will know if they have an alcohol dependancy the answer is if you are relying on alcohol to get you through each week then you have already begun to be dependant on it so it is important to take control of alcohol before you get any closer to being out of control or go down the route of alcoholism.  Counting alcohol units, measuring units of alcohol or counting the number of calories in alcohol to deduce how much is a safe levels of alcohol for you to drink can be confusing and misleading.  The best way to drink alcohol if at all is the odd glass of alcohol occassionally, never drinking on your own alone or pretending you are drinking less to yourself or to other people ( secret drinking ).  Once you start having to count alcohol units you are already drinking too much as a couple of drinks occasionally or a few times per week is the maximum recommended guidelines.  Hypnosis and hypnotherapy offer quick, effective solutions to stop drinking alcohol, to let go of regular over drinking or to stop binge drinking as you can listen to instant-hyposis mp3, hypnosisdownloads, hypnotherapy audio it the comfort of your own home using your previous drinking time to let go of alcohol.  There is no excuse for not finding the time to listen to the recordings.

Alcohol in pregnancy for women can be affected by alcohol in men as a woman has to stop drinking during pregnancy this can often be difficult if her partner is drinking during the pregnancy, these male alcohol habits can create tension in the couples relationship.  More and more Women are finding it difficult to let go of alcohol during pregnancy as drinking is part of their lives, my recordings will help release the need for alcohol so you can have a fit and healthy pregnancy giving your baby the best start.  Money issues or added pressures of responsibilities can all add to extra consumption of alcohol which is why I developed my 'Money -increase your wealth' hypnosis downloads and CD's.   My 'Stop binge drinking for Men hypnosis downloads will help curb binge drinking to support the mother to be.

clients comments

'I searched for hypnosis alcohol addiction recordings for an alcohol treatment to help me stop drinking"

'I never really thought I needed help with alcoholism until I tried the alcohol hypnosis downloads".

"The hypnosis has given me help with alcohol addiction and reduce alcohol tolerance so I can only have a couple of drinks."

"I internet searched for Hypnosis alcoholism treatment although I don't think I am an alcoholic, it put me on the right path again"

'It is frightening when you realise you need to stop drinking wine but you can't stop, the hypnosis downloads gave me the control back" Hay

"I decided I needed help to reduce alcohol intake when I found myself regularly in places I didn't remember getting to, really pleased with the hypnosis alcohol downloads."

"Getting regularly hung over made me realise I needed help with alcohol abuse the hypnosis downloads helped me put alcohol in its place."

"The best hang over cures can not be compared to the benefits of not over drinking in the first place. Hypnosis helps you stop drinking alcohol"

If you would like to ask a question about my products or to write a testimonial, please fill the form or call 01276 683123

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